Digital Nomad | 6 ways to make money online

So you want to be a “Digital Nomad”? Or to at least find a way of making money online so you can travel the world, and not be a slave to the 9-5. Keep reading for my guide to 6 ways you can make money online.

My Story

A year ago left my steady job, sold all of my possessions and booked a one-way ticket to Guatemala. I had the aspiration of making enough money online to be able to live comfortably. And to be able to pick up and move whenever I wanted to. In some ways, I’ve been successful and in others, I have failed.

In this guide, I’m going to talk you through some of the easy ways you can start working online and become location independent. I’m also going to be keeping it real and tell you about the downside to each of these jobs.

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1 Teaching

This is the online job of choice for travelers. But there are pros and cons. I took my TEFL course a year ago (not sure what this is or want to know more about it? Read this), thinking it may come in handy at some point. It’s only 10 months into traveling that I have finally settled down enough to start applying for jobs.

Although there are a ridiculous number of online jobs for English teachers you need 2 things:

  1. Strong internet connection
  2. To be relatively stable for the first month or so.

You will also likely be teaching Children in China so that’s before and after school time (Beijing time). For me, in Latin America, I work 5am -8:10 am 3 mornings a week. I work for Dada ABC and I LOVE it. If you want to know more or apply click here.

My online teaching essentials

The downside:

When you first start teaching online you have to take what you are given with regards to hours and you also can’t risk not having good WiFi. It’s also not great living in hostels as it’s hard to find privacy. Therefore this wasn’t an option for me at the start of my trip.

Now that I know I will be in the same place for 6 months with privacy and strong internet I have started teaching online. Then once I’m ready to pack up and start moving again I will know what I need to do to continue teaching online and will have more flexibility with my employer. For that reason, it’s best to establish yourself for a few months before hitting the road. Once you are established you can work from wherever you have wifi and a bit of privacy.

For that reason, it’s best to establish yourself for a few months before hitting the road. Once you are established you can work from wherever you have wifi and a bit of privacy.

Hourly rate $10-$40 per hour plus monthly bonuses


2 Blogging

If you are looking for easy money Blogging isn’t it. I see these bloggers with their monthly income reports and I just don’t get how they are making that much money after a few weeks. Don’t be fooled it’s really hard work. So unless you live writing and sharing your travel experience keep scrolling down. If you do love writing and sharing your experience then here is how I make money from my blog.

To begin with, I wrote and wrote and wrote and published my writing everywhere I could. I focused on my SEO and making sure I was putting out killer content that people wanted. I now have 80% of my traffic from organic search! So it worked! Eventually, after around a year something shifted and people started to contact me about advertising.

I much prefer this to running google ads. With Google, I got little money and no control over what was being advertised. Everything on my website has been carefully curated and approved by me. So I know it fits in with my blog and my readers.

How much can you make?

I now make on average $100-$500 per month from advertising on my travel blog Claire’s Itchy Feet. Sometimes this is simply adding in a company’s link to a post or it can be content a third party has written, and I post it on my blog.

Where to stay in Costa Rica - Lost Iguana Resort

3 Sponsorship

In addition to the advertising on my blog, I contact and am contacted by tour companies, hotels and restaurants of the countries I am traveling in to review their services. I have worked with hotels, Adventure Tour Companies, and tourist boards. This is normally a trade but sometimes it is paid. In short, I go and do a tour, stay in their hotel etc and then I write up my experience and share it on my blog. I always agree to the terms before and make sure they are fair and of equal value.

For example, I can offer a review, inclusion in a roundup review, 3 Instagram images, Promotion on Social Media, copies of my high-quality marketing worthy images and a video of my experience. But to do all of that would take me a few days work. So I’m not going to offer to do all of that for a $10 a night stay in a hostel because they are not of equal value. If you want to know more about this I wrote an 18-page guide to securing sponsored posts here.

Looking for a new carry on? I have had my Cabin Zero backpack for 2 months now and I’m a little bit in love! I had been looking for a new functional carry one that I could double up as my day pack and this is the winner.

4 Affiliate Links

Almost all of my blog posts have affiliate links in them. I don’t put loads of effort in as to be honest I don’t get that much money from it. Probably around $50 a month. But if you have a blog it’s worth setting up Amazon Affiliate, Shareasale, Brand Reward and at least. I put google ads on my site and took it down after a week as I didn’t like it.


I embed links and if I really like something then I’ll add a little image and link to my sidebar like the Teeki pants (which I’m obsessed with) or the Yoga Veda Teacher Training.


5 Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have some administration stills you can find work pretty easily as a VA. Most VA’s start off just doing random jobs and then specialize once they find the things they enjoy most. If you think this sounds like something you could do I strongly recommend taking this course. The VA Starter Course was created by Hanna Dixon, who is a bit of a kick-ass nomad, and the person you want to learn from.

6 Copywriting

I have done a lot of this over the years and so it was natural to start taking on some more general Copywriting work when I became Location Independent. If you don’t have previous experience but you are a good writer with a good knowledge of grammar etc you can sign up for Copy Press and they will put you through training and make you take exams and submit example work. It’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but it’s great training and I know people who do a lot of work with them.

So you want to be a “Digital Nomad” and find a way of making money online so you can travel the world. Here's my guide to 6 ways you can make money online. 

I hope this post has helped you to discover just a few ways you can make money online to fulfill your travel ambitions! Best of luck make sure to let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment below.

Claire x


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