I was in a workshop with two of my favorite dance artists, Adam Benjamin and Kirstie Simson, and I had a sprained ankle. So to make myself useful Adam asked me to take some pictures. So with my crappy point and shoot I took some pictures.

One of my Images was used in a marketing campaign for the University of Plymouth. And I thought to my self, if I could do that with my crappy camera, I wonder what I could do with a proper camera.  I’m completely self taught. I did try and do an online course once, but I still don’t know what I’m doing. But I do have a good eye, and what I do best is capture people and moments in time.

I am able to work to most briefs and happy to negotiate a fair fee depending on time, amount of images needed, editing and travel time. Please contact me by email to discuss your requirements.

Here are a collection of some of my favorite images:



As a trained dancer I have spent most of my life in the studio. I love to document workshops and performances. I understand what makes a good dance photograph and I am able to capture the essence of the performer.


I am passionate about yoga and practice daily. I love to work with yoga practitioners to take portraits of them practicing outdoors in nature. I also really enjoy capturing workshops and individuals daily practice in the studio, taking close ups to really focus on the physical body its beauty.


I did CrossFit for a few years and during that time I was asked to photograph a lot of competitions. These photographs are some of my favorite. I love capturing the moments of struggle, when a team mate is being cheered on by his/ her team. What I also love about photographing athletes (like dancers and Yoga practitioners) is how defined the muscles are, the human body fascinates me.


I love taking sneaky pictures of people, the moments in between, capturing someone off guard. I think this is often when peoples true beauty comes through.


As a full time traveller I am never without my camera. Here are some of my favorite landscape images from my adventures.


Occasionally I get asked to photograph some other things.